Wisdom from Proverbs: Covenants and Glue (Healthy Sexuality)


With so many different voices shouting their view of sexuality to us, and with cultural understandings of sex constantly changing, how do we know what to believe about sex?

This morning we conclude our series in Proverbs by studying God’s good design for sex. Sex is a gift from God, intended to be enjoyed within the boundary of marriage. While many people think this makes God sounds like a killjoy, he doesn’t intend for this to suffocate our joy, but to maximize our joy! Listen more:

Wisdom from Proverbs: Somebody to Lean On


In December we studied how God comforts us and offers peace, hope, and joy in our darkness. But how can we practically offer peace, hope, and joy to one another – especially to our friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors who are suffering?

This morning we look further in to Proverbs to see how the scriptures guide us in comforting those among us who are grieving and suffering. Ever wondered what to say when it seems like there are no words that could help? Learn what you can say to be helpful, and the things to avoid saying!

Wisdom from Proverbs: Who's in Charge, Here?


Many things in life don’t turn out the way we thought they would, do they? Like our kids.

For better or worse, we can’t manipulate or control our children. But we can influence them. What do the Scriptures—and specifically the book of Proverbs—say about how to influence our children in a positive way? How do we parent our children in a way that helps them to flourish? Listen to find out more: