We Believe: The New Creation


Heaven and Hell, End Times, The Next Life. No matter what you call it, we all have questions about it, and although God doesn’t tell us everything about what comes next, he tells us what we need to know. What are some of these things, and how do they affect our lives today? And what about those people who are “so heavenly minded that they’re no earthly good?”

We Believe: God the Son

What are the essential truths we believe about Jesus? He is the Son of God—fully human, fully divine—who loves us profoundly enough to make a way back to God even while we were still spiritually dead. While no sermon can tell us all there is to know about Jesus, listen as we explore some of the most important things to understand.

We Believe: God the Father

As Christians we think and talk about God a lot, but what do we actually believe about God? Who is he? What are his attributes? What has he done throughout history? And can an ancient idea like God actually be relevant in the 21st century?

God is more than just an idea; he is the powerful, righteous, and gracious creator and re-creator of everything that exists. This morning we learn some of the most essential Christian beliefs about the first person of the Trinity, God the Father.

We Believe: The Scriptures


There is more information available today than ever before.  And most of that is trying to make you act a certain way.  So how do you know what is true?  How do you know what information will actually help you in your life's purpose?  How do you know what your life's purpose even is?

This morning we remind ourselves why we trust the Bible as our highest authority, and we learn a simple way to study the Bible for ourselves, so we can learn from it directly.

You Reap What You Sow


It's common knowledge: you get out what you put in.  This fact is true in our work lives, in our schools, even in our relationships with what another.

It's also true of our spiritual lives.  This week, as we conclude our series in Galatians, we ask why Paul chose this simple reality to conclude such a powerful letter.

My Brother's Keeper


"Look out for number one," right?


In the last chapter of Galatians we see how our faith in Christ compels us to care for one another—for our neighbors and for the world.  True Christian faith inevitably results in generous, compassionate relationships.  And these relationships are rooted in our understanding of a God who has been incomprehensibly generous and compassionate to us.  

Roots and Fruit


You can't fix a bad apple tree by spray-painting the apples red.  The apples may look nice, but if you really want to fix the problem, you have to look at the roots.  The same is true of our spiritual lives.  We can't "fix" ourselves just by changing our behavior; we have to address our spiritual roots.  Find out how:

To Emulate Christ


It's an unfortunate fact that there are some people who teach a false version of Christianity in order to exploit or control people.  In fact, any time someone uses "Christianity" to get ahead of someone else, they are embracing a false faith.  Christianity is not about control; it's about freedom.  This week we see how God set us free not only from spiritual slavery, but he set us free to love and serve one another.  

Jesus + Nothing = Everything


Jesus set us free so that we could live free.  It sounds obvious when you say it that way, but we all struggle to embrace the freedom that he offers us.  We look at three reasons why religious laws can't set us free, two spiritual equations that help us understand where Jesus fits in the big picture of our faith (hint: he's a big deal!), and two diagnostic questions that can reveal what or whom our hearts really trust.

Our Plans vs. God's Plans

Sometimes life doesn't turn out quite like we think it will.  We make plans, we anticipate certain events, and life takes an unexpected turn.  For Bill and Ann Clemmer, life took several dramatic turns.

Hear from Ann, a missionary to the Democratic Republic of Congo, who shares about her life's twists and turns, and how God's plans are always better than our plans.

My Way or the High(er) Way


When we take God's promises into our own hands, things turn out disastrously.  It happened when Abraham and Sarah thought God needed their help, and it happens when we think God needs our help.  But, when we trust that God does things his way, in his timing, we not only enjoy a more free life, but we avoid a self-righteous or insecure faith.