My Brother's Keeper


"Look out for number one," right?


In the last chapter of Galatians we see how our faith in Christ compels us to care for one another—for our neighbors and for the world.  True Christian faith inevitably results in generous, compassionate relationships.  And these relationships are rooted in our understanding of a God who has been incomprehensibly generous and compassionate to us.  

To Emulate Christ


It's an unfortunate fact that there are some people who teach a false version of Christianity in order to exploit or control people.  In fact, any time someone uses "Christianity" to get ahead of someone else, they are embracing a false faith.  Christianity is not about control; it's about freedom.  This week we see how God set us free not only from spiritual slavery, but he set us free to love and serve one another.  

Jesus + Nothing = Everything


Jesus set us free so that we could live free.  It sounds obvious when you say it that way, but we all struggle to embrace the freedom that he offers us.  We look at three reasons why religious laws can't set us free, two spiritual equations that help us understand where Jesus fits in the big picture of our faith (hint: he's a big deal!), and two diagnostic questions that can reveal what or whom our hearts really trust.