How to Give

In person, at the church


Mail a gift

Make a contribution from your IRA disbursement

The IRS allows retirees age 70½ and older to donate up to $100,000 tax free from their IRA each year.  Generally when you take a distribution from your IRA, it is treated as taxable income.  Under this provision, made permanent in the 2015 federal spending and tax package, those assets are excluded from income if the distribution is made directly to charity.

The distribution is not included in your income, so you avoid the potentialnegative consequences that regular IRA withdrawals in retirement can create, including taxes on Social Security benefits.  Distribution excluded from income are also equivalent to a 100% deduction.  Normally, charitable contribution deductions are limited to a lower percentage (or are eliminated altogether) for taxpayers who do not itemize and take the standard deduction.

For more information, see this document or consult your tax professional.