Family Pastor FAQ

Who is an ideal candidate?

While our first priority is to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as he leads us to the right candidate (and not just the one we think we want), we envision someone who:

  • has at least several years of ministry experience (volunteer experience counts);

  • feels called in this season to part-time, bi-vocational ministry;

  • is open to this becoming a full-time position;

  • will consider this as a long-term position. That is not to say the Lord could not lead them away after a period of time, but this person should not be looking at this position as a quick stepping stone on the way to something else;

  • is seminary-trained and, if not already ordained, willing to pursue ordination;

  • refuses to allow children’s and student ministry programs to become “ministry silos,” but who will relentlessly work to integrate children and students into the regular pulse of our church family;

  • feels specifically called to pastor children, students, and their families, but who is also eager to “adopt” our entire church family as his/her flock.

We will be uncompromisingly patient in this process. I would rather wait a year to find the right candidate than rush into a wrong decision.

What is our timeline?

Here is our tentative timeline:

  • Mid-July: Formation of a search team (complete)

  • Early October: job description is finalized and the position is posted to various networks.

  • Mid-Late October: Start receiving applications, praying over them, and contacting those applicants we feel may be the right fit.

Once the search team has found a candidate they feel confident in, they will invite that candidate to spend a weekend with us. That would include a chance on Saturday for the candidate to meet with various groups with whom he/she would work (parents of children/students; Jr. Church teachers; CE board; children/students), and a chance for the entire church to meet the candidate on a Sunday morning. This may include asking the candidate to preach.

Because this is a pastoral position, the whole church will vote to extend a call to that person.

By when will we have a Family Pastor?

We don’t know. It’s better to take our time and find the right person than rush into a decision and risk bringing on the wrong person. We will carefully assess not only this person’s qualifications, but also their fit with our church family.

How will we pay for this?

Like any investment, calling a Family Pastor will require an up-front cost, and like any investment, calling a Family Pastor means we expect long-run gain.

While the terms of this position are somewhat open to negotiation, we tentatively plan to pay this person $25,000/year and expect them to work 20 hours/week.

Meanwhile, we are pursuing about $30,000 in outside grants and gifts, including from a couple of members of our church family who have expressed an interest in helping us fund this position.

If we assume the total cost of this position to be around $30,000/year (factoring in miscellaneous expenses like workman’s comp insurance, potentially flying a candidate in for interviews if they live far away, etc.), then we can allocate our outside funding this way:

Year 1
Outside funding: $20,000
Church funding: $10,000
Year 2
Outside funding: $10,000
Church funding: $20,000
Years 3 and beyond
Outside funding: $0
Church funding: $30,000

The first year we, as a church, would only have to come up with 1/3 of the funding for this position. The second year we would have to come up with 2/3 of the funding; and beyond the second year we would fund the position in its entirety.

Who is on the search team?

Lucyana Chapman
Janet Hand
Doran Morford
Andrea St. Jean
Tara Wise
Chris Dunaway

The team will commit to saturate this process in prayer. We will take the first chunk of each team meeting to pray for one another, for our church family, for the candidates, and for the search process.

How can we pray?

  1. Pray for unity among our search team members;

  2. Pray for focus and an ability to create an effective job description;

  3. Pray for the person whom we eventually bring on – that God would even now prepare that person (and their family, if they have a family) for us and us for them.