Middle Street Baptist Church was born out of a great movement of the Holy Spirit in the newly formed republic of states following the American Revolution. Preaching of Baptist principles was active in New Hampshire before 1800, but formal organization and recognition of this congregation came in 1826.

Like most New England Baptist Churches, this congregation grew out of the theological ferment of the time. Eight individuals felt called by God to “convene together on the doctrine, ordinances and disciplines of Christ as unfolded in the New Testament.” They believed the best way to do this was in association with the Baptist churches of the seacoast area.

Middle Street Baptist Church has now been ministering in Portsmouth’s Haymarket Square for over 185 years. The current sanctuary was completed in 1956. The historic John Peirce Mansion (1799) and property were acquired at that time with a vision to expand the ministry of the congregation and community. The bell we ring every Sunday morning has been continually calling people to worship the living Christ since 1828.

This long history is a great heritage and now we are making every effort to serve Jesus Christ in ways that will be effective in the Twenty First Century.